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Beyond the Curves

A women celebration

Beyond the Curves is a celebration of courageous, outrageous, and trailblazing women. Gallery 40 is hosting a month-long show featuring nationally curated visual art and an evening of live dramatic performance pieces. 


Beyond the Curves celebrates women's fortitude, persistence, and strength in the face of adversity. It is about women who have been set aside by the patriarchy or men in their lives, women ahead of their time, women who worked without the proper recognition, women who have been judged or misunderstood, women whose voices may yet be unacknowledged. 


As part of the group exhibition, Gallery 40 will feature Lisa Winika's Misunderstood Women Project which seeks to cast light on some unexplored ideas about women that deeply influence the foundational thought process and emotional undercurrent of society. 


As a centerpiece of the exhibition, there will be a live performance of intimate  monologues and short scenes that illustrate  the authentic and unfiltered stories of such women. The performance pieces, directed by Deborah Coconis and Chris Burney, are written by local authors and will be performed by actors from the Hudson Valley.

Juror of Selection: Nansi Lent 

Opening Reception:

Opening Reception: Saturday, July 6, 2024  5-7 pm

On display through July 28, 2024

Live performance on Thursday July 18, 7pm


Sean Bowen

Lisa Winika


Opening Reception:

Saturday, September 7, 2024  5-7 pm

On display through September 29, 2024


The Gilding Age


Participating Artists:

Dan Burkholder

Beth Haber

Janine Lambers

Julia Santos Salomon

Opening Reception:

Saturday, October 5, 2024  5-7 pm

On display through October 27, 2024


RiverWinds Gallery

Group Show


Opening Reception:

Saturday, November 2, 2024  5-7 pm

On display through December 1, 2024

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