The Cozy Corner

The Cozy Corner is a program for professional and emerging artists that need space to experiment new horizons, to show a new collection or new body of work for a limited time period.  The Cozy Corner program is three months/six months/one year long and throughout this time the artist will collaborate with the gallery to promote art in the community by sharing experience and professional growth.

The Cozy Corner: Joel Brown
JA001 big_pot BCW.jpg
Joel Brown
Architecture and Ceramics

Before he worked in clay, Joel Brown was an architect.  Following study at the Graduate School of Design at Harvard, he managed large scale civic infrastructure projects in New York City and Philadelphia.  In addition to the design work, he developed the details that let contractors construct the buildings. 


Joel credits workshops with Peter Callas, Joyce Michaud, and Steven Hill for his development in ceramics. His pieces are coil-built and wood-fired in kilns that are stoked around the clock for up to six days.  He enjoys the team work that comes with these firings.  His work has been juried into shows across the country, from New York to Florida to Washington.  He has also curated shows that featured both ceramics and paintings.