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Coming Home

A LongReach Arts group exhibition

“Coming Home” is a celebration of diverse mediums and techniques, and opens a door to all manner of interpretation.  Each of the artists will have their own view of what this means.

It may reference love of home, or a personal love, or an exploration of the relationship between craft and comfort.  It can convey everything from warmth to the opposite.


This exciting exhibit showcases the distinct perspective on how color, material, and techniques can collaborate in unexpected ways to illustrate where and how we actually live, move, and seek both livability and inspiration in our surroundings. 


Participating Artists:


Paola Bari, Deborah Bein, Marcy Bernstein, David Curtis, Cynthia R. Dill, Carolyn Edlund, Staats Fasoldt, Stacie Flint, Claudia Gorman, Trina Greene, Carol Loizides, Basha Ruth Nelson, Ellen Metzger O’Shea, Carol Pepper-Cooper, Carole Wolf

Karen Madden
Bob Madden
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