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Hallway @ Mercat Cafe'

Fill out this form to submit for exhibition consideration at Hallway @ Mercat Cafe' located at the entrance of Mercat by 1915 Coffee at 40 Cannon St. The Hallway @ Mercat Cafe' is managed and curated by Gallery 40. Only two dimensional artwork will be accepted to be displayed in the Hallway @ Mercat Cafe'. Examples of mediums for exhibitions include but it is not limited to: painting, drawing, pastels, printmaking, relief paintings, photography, encaustics, etc. All artwork must be of a tasteful subject manner befit for a public business space. 

For Any Questions/Inquiries: Please email Gallery 40 at

Deadline: The call will be open till all dates have been booked to capacity.   

Each exhibition will run in 2 month intervals (see form for selection of month choices), and will be comprised of 3 artists during one exhibition at a time. Each artist will be able to use approximately 16' of wall space for relatively priced 2D artworks. The exhibition usually starts in the middle of the month.

Submitting an exhibition proposal is not a guarantee of booking your desired exhibition dates. In the event that the current year calendar becomes fully booked, the applicant will be given the option of taking available dates for the following year Exhibition Calendar.

Artist Fee/Payments: A one time Artist Fee of $25 will be due before the time of Installation. Once accepted, an online invoice will be sent to be paid before installation. It is at the discretion of the Gallery Director to approve or deny any artwork/collection for any reason. Artists with an unpaid Artist Fee will be removed for the exhibition's roster.

Accepted Payment Forms: Cash/Check/Paypal/All Major Credit Cards 

Cancellations: In the event of a cancellation, Gallery 40 will need to be notified at least ONE WEEK before scheduled installation for exhibition for a full refund of their fee payment.  

Sales/Commission Rates: Gallery 40 will handle sales for all artwork and other items being displayed during exhibitions, and will collect and pay sales tax and cover all credit card fees. 

Exhibition Commission Rate: 30% to Gallery/70% to Artists. At the end of each exhibition, all artists will receive their 70% commission rate in the form of a check or electronic payment (PayPal).

Gallery Hours: The exhibition will be open during Mercat and 1915 Wine Cellar regular business hours. 

Gallery 40 will not organize an opening reception for the Hallway @ Mercat Cafe' exhibition, but artists are welcome to have a private reception, group of people, a coffee talk etc etc. Please contact Gallery 40 if you would like to use the gallery space to avoid calendar conflict or we you can reach out to Mercat by 1915 coffee directly. 

Liability: Gallery 40 will not be responsible for damaged or lost artwork, regardless of the cause to artwork submitted under this agreement. 

Exhibition Installation/De-installation: Work must be professionally presented and ready to hang  (No sawtooth hangers, and no unframed paper and fabric works will be accepted). Scheduling dates for installation and de-installations will be discussed between the Artists and the Gallery curator via Email.

Gallery 40 will use one image of the artwork and a link to the artist social media to populate the website.

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