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"A Kind of Magic" - The Art of Transforming


From time-to-time we all need some form of talismanic protection. As individuals, but even as a collective, as a community, as a world aflame we need something greater than ourselves to protect us; perhaps from ourselves. Magic. Discover the artwork that influences the sense of reality, opening passageways and new horizons,  and transforming  moments of our lives into something magic and whimsical.

Juror of Selection: Kathleen Laucius 

Kathleen Laucius is a designer, fine arts curator, and creative director of the Omega Institute. She brings more than 30 years of design experience to Omega and leads a team that is responsible for creating and maintaining the organization's visual brand online, in print, and at Omega's conferences, events, and initiatives on- and off-site. Drawing on her studies in contemporary design in Denmark, Kathleen infuses the projects she leads with a strong sense of balance and a modern perspective.

Featured Artists:

Allison Hilgert, Beth Walters-Storyk, Bryan Cardo, Carolyn Edlund, Ellen Metzger O'Shea, Harriet Forman Barrett, Jackie Volkell, Jane Ormerod, Jennifer Jackowitz, Jennifer Prevatt, Judith Campanaro, Kathleen Monahan, KP Devlin, Madison Cahill, Marc Fisher, Mary Ann Glass, Nancy Gagliardi, Nansi Lent, Olivia Taylor, Patricia Blanco, Phyllis Chadwick, Robin Adler, Sandra Belitza-Vazquez, Stacie Flint, Sue Carroll

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